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Griebs Reality is also entering into sports as we are making an international standard Cricket ground at “Griebs Lake Island”. We have noticed that in Kolkata, Cricket Ground is limited besides that coaching and grooming young cricketers are not upto the mark. However, the young cricketers those who are coming from outside kolkata doestn’t get any accommodation for staying at the club. Till date, nobody has thought about this subject. We at Griebs Sports Academy, has planned to make a hostel for boys near the ground for their settlements and get the best training under the Guidance of Ace Bengal Team captain Sambaran Banerjee and few more renowned coaches.Because of this covid pandemic situation children’s are not safe when they are playing and staying together. Moreover daily travelling is also not possible. Nowadays, in the cricket world, a new bubble arises , revolve around plans to restart the game in the midst of the Covid situation. The cricket society is separated over the practicality of the ‘bio-bubble’, which targets leading the game in a controlled and secure condition, where wellbeing and order are needs. Bubble means precautionary measures taken to secure against the spread of deadly or destructive creatures and sicknesses. Hence we at Griebs Cricket Academy are planning for Staying safe and making arrangements of these boy’s at our Cricket Academy so that they feel safe and can practice and play their games in good environment.